Breast Augmentation Surgery

in Baja Tijuana, Mexico

The breast augmentation and the mammoplasty augmentation are the terms for the  breast- implant procedure.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical specialty involving the breast implant procedure , reconstruction, or alteration of the human breasts.

With breast augmentation we at mexico extreme makeover and its board certified doctors do is with less minimal time in the surgery room.

Breast augmentation surgery

The less time we take in the surgery room, the better it is for the patient which reduces less risk and gives longer recovery time the same day as surgery is done which has best results for breast augmentation in Mexico . With our doctors detailed consultations and the expertise of information given to our patients will be personally given before surgery for a greater understanding of how and what will be done.

This personal consultation has the out come of more rewarding and satisfying results after surgery. Our patients will have 5 to 6 hours of recovery time while being administered with medications/antibiotics and pain relief during recovery in our hospital. This caution for breast augmentation also reduces the chance of contamination of the breast implants. All new breast implants are in a water based solution packed by the breast implant manufacturer for clean and safe administration to the breast area of the patient. All new breast implants are guaranteed for life unless the breast has been poked or ruptured by anyone or if a accident occurs god not willing. Our board certified doctors use the gel (gummy bear) breast implants.

There are two types of gel breast implants.

1. The soft outer lining or shell which is very smooth and slick.

2. The cohesive a little more rougher type outer shell which is always best to use because the comprehensiveness of the implant makes the implant stay in place and grabs on to the inner skin better for less movement.




Both these type of implants will give a natural and healthier look and feel. This is an outpatient surgery (meaning, in and out of the hospital the same day of surgery). Again with shorter time in the surgery room, best surgery results are seen after 2 to 3 months after the surgery has been done. That should be more than ample time to see and have the best results for many many years to come. It is wise to maybe remove the breast implants or have a breast lift after 10 years or so after sagging or when then after larger breasts are then formed as time goes by which all patients have no control of gravity, aging and weight gain. With shorter time in the surgery room during the operation procedure the chance of reducing contamination ( in any hospital) is less which is always best for any patient. When breast augmentation is done the doctors have the best and safest way to implant the breasts in each patient. For minimal scaring the doctor will do a very small cut under the bottom half of the ereola to place the implant. The better and rounder/darker the areola is, the best after surgery result will take place. Another choice will be given to the patient to implant the breast through would be under the breast which the scar will not be seen even in a bikini (unless the patient shows it to someone) . Both implant procedures will be given of choice to the patient before surgery. We at Mexico Extreme Makeover take precautions in many many ways for our patients to have less risk involved during and after the operation and again for best results then and there after for many years to come. We at Mexico Extreme Makeover will provide pre and post op directions for our patients also for less risk before, during and after their elected surgery. Our doctors do all surgeries that the patient understands and will be very satisfied with after surgery results once the proper time has been taken to recover at best. The decision with Mexico Extreme Makeovers doctors is to have the patient completely understand and undergo a lot of factors which should be considered such as the size and the shape of the implant being administered, the sensitivity and sensation, lifestyle, the health conditions and the natural fit of the implant which has great margin for a desired nice natural result for beautiful breasts to have for many years to come. Many breast implants are being developed daily through authorized manufacturers and released for safer, more natural and beautiful results for the breast augmentation surgery. It is very important to understand these factors in order to achieve the best results. With the rapid advanced technologies our doctors have with Mexico Extreme Makeover, they have the secrete know how and expertise for the breast implant surgery in Mexico which is ahead of its time with Mexico Extreme Makeover and its board certified doctors.

We at Mexico Extreme Makeover and its doctors have the great importance and responsibility to always and fully consider the patients health before surgery. All proper labs such as blood, EKG (heart condition) and health status after the personal consultation has taken place will be considered to make sure the patient is in the proper, safe and a healthy condition for their elected surgery. It is always good for all patients to come in and see their doctors a week or ten days after surgery for results seen after surgery. No cost for the after surgery breast implant consultation check up. Please advise Mexico Extreme Makeover for when you wish to have a follow up after surgery consultation to make sure we can schedule you in on time.
We at Mexico Extreme Makeover and its board certified doctors hope to see you soon to have the proper surgery done and make sure all patients are very happy with their results for many many years to come.

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Los Angeles CA

I have had the pleasure the Mexico Extreme Makeover Services was recomended to me by a very good friend that used their services. The first person whom i spoke to was Luis who introduced me to different doctors who gave me different ideas and options for what i wanted to do. I finally chose Doctor G. Y. who did an excellent job and gave me the best results at an affordable price.
Many thanks to Mexico Extreme Makeover specially to the doctors and Luis (who was there for me every step of the way). This experience has changed my life, it has brought more confidence and wonderful looks. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in a cosmetic surgery to use Mexico Extreme Makeover if you want your life to change for the best!


San Diego, CA

The hospital was great. It was very clean and the nurses were lovely and very thorough. My doctor was fantastic. He was very professional and thorough. He explained everything and prepared me for the outcome. I felt very confident in what was happening. After the surgery i stayed the night in the hospital. The nurses where always checking in and they were so helpful. The hospital rooms were large and private with big bathrooms and television. After living the hospital I stayed a couple of days at the hotel. The doctor cheeked in on me and gave me all of my medications for the trip home. I highly recommend Mexico Extreme Makeover.

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